"Un Piso Para Tu" Project (A Floor for You)

There are many families in Guatemala who live in single-room, sticks & grass type homes with dirt floors. During the rainy season, which is several times each year, the dirt turns to a sticky mud. Add in the waste of chickens, pigs, and stray dogs that wander in and out of the door-less homes, you can imagine the conditions (or can you?). Neighbors First, Inc. has initiated a program called “Un Piso Para Tu”…Spanish for “ A Floor for You” which can provide a family with a concrete floor in their home and a gate on the door, to keep out the animals, for only $250. The resulting impact on a family’s cleanliness, sanitation, and overall hope is priceless. You can make a HUGE difference….simply designate your donation and we’ll make sure a family is blessed.

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